• Climate awareness rises, but are we ready to make some changes in the way we consume?

    Awareness of the dangers of climate change is growing in the Visegrad countries. The vast majority of the inhabitants of these countries also want climate neutrality in the European Union by 2050. However, this does not yet mean that the same number of them is ready to make consumer choices that limit their environmental and climate impact.

  • NGOs appeal to politicians on wind turbines

    Asturbinegateshook the Polish politics, 42 green NGOs appeal to the new ruling majority forurgent adopting a bill allowing the development of wind energy in a way that is safe for both people and the environment.

  • Supporting slow fashion in Slovakia is not fashionable

    Slovak ecological fashion brands struggle with the lack of support from the state and the lack of legislation in the field of sustainable fashion. While other countries in the EU support green initiatives, including financial bonuses for sustainable clothing manufacturers, Slovakia is preparing a law on textile waste only from 2025.

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