The V4 countries are only a political decision away of improving their digital infrastructure, they should be more ambitious, says senior fellow from German Marshall Fund Brussels Office Kristine Berzina in an interview with EURACTIV Czech Republic. 

Just as the other EU countries, the Visegrad states are endangered by the amplification of manipulated information and the pandemic has only contributed to the problem. Combatting disinformation is a whole society effort that requires action through various channels, states Naďa Kovalčíková from German Marshall Fund Brussels office in an interview with

Elif Gündüzyeli is a Senior Coal Policy Coordinator at the Climate Action Network.

Digital disruption is happening: further enhanced by the Covid-19 crisis on the social, political and economic levels, EU member states, and V4 countries among them, are rushing to keep up with competitors and level the global playing field. The EU27 need to keep in sight the necessity to maintain focus on cohesion.

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