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  • French ambassador on nuclear energy: We want to help Slovakia with both fuel and reactors

    France offers an alternative to the fuel currently produced in Russia and cooperation in building new reactors. "We want to involve Slovak companies in the supply chain for nuclear fuel and we are also communicating about a repository of the used-up waste," French Ambassador PASCAL LE DEUNFF says in an interview.

  • NGOs appeal to politicians on wind turbines

    Asturbinegateshook the Polish politics, 42 green NGOs appeal to the new ruling majority forurgent adopting a bill allowing the development of wind energy in a way that is safe for both people and the environment.

  • Slovakia's automotive industry transformation lags behind V4, here's why

    Slovakia falls behind in attracting high-quality investments into the sector and in registering new electric vehicles, new study confirms. One of the biggest challenges of greening the automotive sector is the increasing demand for highly skilled employees, which the education system has so far failed to respond to. 

  • Supporting slow fashion in Slovakia is not fashionable

    Slovak ecological fashion brands struggle with the lack of support from the state and the lack of legislation in the field of sustainable fashion. While other countries in the EU support green initiatives, including financial bonuses for sustainable clothing manufacturers, Slovakia is preparing a law on textile waste only from 2025.

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