Recovery Fund

  • After Covid, a new, sustainable economic model is needed

    Visegrad governments should use the opportunity of the crisis for structural changes and reforms in the labour market, education and healthcare. They should also look beyond the GDP and embrace green transformation.  

  • European Recovery in Visegrad

    Visegrad countries will benefit from the Next Generation EU - the 750 bn worth stimulus post-pandemic recovery package - through its various mechanisms and facilities. Following infographic offers a breakdown of national allocations. Also, it shows to what extent the public in Visegrad countries appreciates common EU efforts in the reaction of pandemic and the (un)willingness to get vaccinated.

  • Making the most of the recovery in Visegrad

    The Visegrad region has been hit hard by the pandemic and its economic fallout, but major funds are available to support the recovery and transition to towards a greener and more digitalised economy.

  • National recovery plans in the V4: An uneasy exercise

    The process of drafting of national recovery plans under a difficult time constraints seems to be a handful for all of the Visegrad countries. The stakeholder involvement, streamlining their requests and transparency pose particular problems.

  • PODCAST | Winners and Losers Of The Pandemic - The Visegrad Outlook

    Listen to the podcast from the online event - Winners and Losers of the pandemic - the Visegrad outlook. 

  • The Slovak recovery plan in the digital sector does not yet count in the industry

    Within the Recovery Plan in the field of digitization, the Slovak government emphasizes state´s IT. However, private companies affected by the corona crisis are wondering how the targeted support for industry - that is still lagging behind in digitization - will look like. They have now presented their own proposals to the government.

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