In Czechia, the debate over the abandonment of the unanimity principle in some EU policy areas opened recently – particularly in the light of war in Ukraine and vision of EU enlargement.

Slovak ecological fashion brands struggle with the lack of support from the state and the lack of legislation in the field of sustainable fashion. While other countries in the EU support green initiatives, including financial bonuses for sustainable clothing manufacturers, Slovakia is preparing a law on textile waste only from 2025.

As turbinegateshook the Polish politics, 42 green NGOs appeal to the new ruling majority for urgent adopting a bill allowing the development of wind energy in a way that is safe for both people and the environment.

Voter interest amongst Czech citizens in the upcoming EU elections is the lowest across member states, as only half of the surveyed respondents would currently participate in the polls, according to the newest Eurobarometer survey results. On the other hand, in neighbouring Poland, citizens intend to massively vote boosted by the October national elections.

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